Making health checkups remote, recurring, and automated.


1. Monitor

Stay alert about abnormal symptoms, virus and risk probabilities.

Stay alert about abnormal symptoms, virus and risk probabilities.

2. Care

Get automated analysis & notifications across user groups and act on it.

Integrate care functionality into your existing workflow.

3. Forecast

See the bigger picture using dashboards and insights.
Plan accordingly.

Act on the insights and stay updated on autopilot.


Prevent the spread of the virus, by screen crowds & event visitors on autopilot.


Get real-time visibility into members’ well-being and forecast spending better.


A lightweight solution to automate daily checkups.

How it works

The user gets a reminder to complete a self-diagnostic


Reports symptoms and measures the vitals using home medical devices


M.D. developed algorithm detects deteriorations/critical conditions and advises further actions


Managers are notified when the action is needed.


The dashboard keeps you up to speed, insights let you plan better.

USe cases
1. Monitor users for COVID-19 risk and probability.
2. Monitor users with chronic diseases.
3. Monitor users/employees after exposure to large crowds or hazardous duties.
  • More than 75 000 users screened.
  • Make use of our M.D. developed algorithm. We help fine-tune it to fit your standards.
  • Pre-existing condition factoring.
  • Integration into existing workflows/solutions*.
  • Email alerts / SMS notifications*.
* Comes as additional functionality, depending on the provider's requirements.
Coming soon
AI insights and alerts

AI insights and alerts. The algorithm adapts to your practices, experience, and generates actionable insights and forecasts.

iOS/Android app

iOS/Android app - interact with users seamlessly from the palm of your hand. Use it as a white label solution.

Apple Health & Google Fit integration

Get better forecast models analyzing activity data, by connecting to Apple Health/Google Fit data feeds.

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